UA-166803092-3 The Sweat Sister (Vy Vu, FitFam Community Leader)
Mosaic of China

The Sweat Sister (Vy Vu, FitFam Community Leader)

October 1, 2019

Today I’m speaking with Vy Vu. Apart from how much I love the economy of her name, I also love the story of how someone who was feeling lost in Shanghai can ultimately become part of a fitness movement that’s spreading across China and the world.


You’ll hear about how FitFam is not just about making people in China fit, it’s also about making them confident, and making them into future leaders. We also talk about how to manage a volunteer organisation, and then how to grow it without compromising on its founding principles. Our conversation is a good advert in general about the benefits of living and working overseas, and how you can go from knowing no-one in a new city to being in a position which helps define who you are.


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