UA-166803092-3 The Gin Peddler (Fergus WOODWARD, Peddlers Gin)
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The Gin Peddler (Fergus WOODWARD, Peddlers Gin)

September 13, 2022

When you think of an alcoholic drink that’s made out of traditional Chinese ingredients, you might not immediately think of… gin. But that’s exactly what came to the mind of Fergus Woodward six years ago when he helped to create Peddlers Gin, China's first and leading craft gin brand.


Today’s episode takes us through Fergus’ story of discovery and distillation, one that has resulted in a gin that proudly showcases both the unique botanicals of China, and the unique persistence of the team behind it.


The episode also includes a catch-up interview with:

Sean Harmon from Season 02 Episode 09



00:00 - Trailer & Intro

02:26 - Part 1

23:04 - Part 2

36:21 - Outro

39:48 - Catch-Up Interview


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