UA-166803092-3 The Peruvian Healer (Katherine WONG, The Andean Apothecary)
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The Peruvian Healer (Katherine WONG, The Andean Apothecary)

January 5, 2021

Shanghai is one of those magical places where people can somehow become who they were always supposed to be. This is what happened to Katherine Wong, who decided one day to quit her corporate job, and start earning a living by sharing her knowledge of traditional Peruvian remedies with customers in China.
Growing up in Peru with a Taiwanese father, a Bolivian mother, and a nanny from the Amazonian jungle, Katherine is perfectly placed to describe the links between Peru and China, as well as explore the similarities and differences in their beliefs and superstitions.

The episode also includes a catch-up interview with Angie WU from Season 01 Episode 18. (

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